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Jumat, 03 Oktober 2014


Tuban is one of the districts in the province of East Java - Indonesia. districts that are in the path of Pegunungan Kapur Utara and is located at an altitude ranging between 0-500 meters above sea level. The average land price in the form of ground limestone mountains on the mainland, and the clay around the Bengawan Solo wathersheads.
Tuban district communities have cultural eating smoked land, or so-called Ampo. in modern science, the habit of eating soil also called geophagy. in wikipedia, some experts say that geophagy an abnormal habits were classified as DSM-IV disorders.
Tuban district residents believe that eating smoked clay or referred Ampo, able to maintain digestive health, and it is also capable of treating various diseases.

But, There is a clear risk in the consumption of contaminated clay by animal or human feces, in particular the risk of egg parasites, such as roundworm that can live for years in the soil and can cause problems. Also may increase the risk of contracting tetanus. However, this risk is generally understood by most people or tribe who ate clay. Penchant for children to engage in eating ampo make them more susceptible to worm infections. Another danger associated with eating clay cover damage tooth enamel, swallowing a variety of bacteria, various forms of pollution of soil, and intestinal obstruction. However, the processing of clay pretty good with cooking or baking can reduce the risk.
This culture has a long and up to now still be found. recipe used is still the same, namely clay that has been cleaned of gravel and dirt. however, land use can not use any ground, to get a sense of the typical, typical land needed anyway. people usually take clay from the banks of the Bengawan Solo  which crosses the district of Tuban. in geology, structural geology is referred to as "mudcrack".
The way of making ampo also still very traditional. that is the way cleaned first, and then compressed into blocks of clay. after it was shaved using a bamboo splinter, and last smoked, and ready to be served.
until today, the culture still preserved and attract the tourists who visit. usually, pregnant women in Tuban district will "cravings" eat this ampo.
Consuming Ampo culture is the only one in the world who are in Indonesia, precisely in Tuban district. thus, eating Ampo as culture in Tuban district, no will pose a negative risk we as the younger generation needs to maintain its sustainability.

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